Funky Bitz Blog

  • When was the last time you felt good about yourself?

    Asking yourself this question never feels 100% good. Thinking back to it, before this week, I honestly can’t even remember when I felt good about m...
  • I found a new home for my vulnerable ass!

    When I started Funky Bitz, I quickly realised that even though I had colossal amounts of support from my family, I had very little space to do what I truly wanted to do: connect with people, create art, and have fun.
  • What is resin art (and since when is this a trend)?

    Okay, you poindexter – you’re late to the party. I could take you on a history lesson about when the first art resin piece was invented, but I actually couldn’t tell you (since a search reveals nothing!).
  • Why I started Funky Bitz (and almost didn’t…)

    You know that urge you sometimes get to follow your dreams, but it all seems too hard? Well this is me, doing the hard part.