I found a new home for my vulnerable ass!

When I started Funky Bitz, I quickly realised that even though I had colossal amounts of support from my family, I had very little space to do what I truly wanted to do: connect with people, create art, and have fun.

The kitchen table that I commandeer when I pour resin art... Thanks mum!


I want to LOVE, 100%, ALL DAY EVERY DAY what I do, and although my current job is amazing and I do have these feelings, I am most passionate about art.


Me and my dog Shai

Me and my dog Shai at work, where I luckily work in the animal industry and am lucky enough to be able to bring in my dog when he gets scared of storms. At a spritely 11 years old, he looks good for an old boy!



About three weeks ago I set out to find the perfect home for what it is that I do. First I looked locally and found a few vacant spaces in the Logan area where I could set-up shop and begin working on how I would connect with people who wanted to create art around me. These places wanted me to become their permanent fixture for any length of time between 6 months and 3 years.


Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been a struggling artist before (yes I will play the poor struggling artist card hahaha)… But you just cannot lock in a venue for that length of time and expect to make some sort of return – what a joke.


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I expanded my reach, and I found the perfect home for me.


On the way to this new space, I felt so apprehensive. I’d already met with other venues who had told me I’d need to fit-out their spaces, and pay them three months’ rent in advance, and about outgoings being on top of rent… It was a lot of money for a pipe dream that just might not happen.


As I drove closer, I felt a knot in my stomach. I almost turned around and told myself this was a stupid idea. My head was quite literally clouded with doubt so heavy that it was affecting my mood! Pulling up in the driveway I was very pleased to see that in the middle of Teneriffe I wouldn’t need to pay for parking because they had their own car spaces… It was then I realised I had nothing to lose but my dignity.


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Walking into Bib ‘N Brace Collective at Teneriffe and meeting the owner, Tiernan – I felt instantly connected to this rustic and homely space – stomach knots immediately depleted. Picture: a huge warehouse workshop with loads of space, with artist studios upstairs. Some smaller, some larger, but all home to an elective collective of amazing Brisbane artists.


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Bib 'n Brace Collective Teneriffe


The space alone isn’t what made me instantly connect to the place though. Speaking to Tiernan, I realised he was a complete visionary. He wanted to create a home for emerging artists, somewhere they could come to rent a studio space (and he understood the struggling artist vibes). Somewhere you could truly belong to, alongside other artists who were challenged to find a home. An artist just like me!


Quickly realising that the studio life wasn’t for me because I couldn’t dedicate any time to it (due to full-time work week at my 9-5, and being a hands-on mum on the weekends), but I just knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing space.


It turned out that what Tiernan was trying to create, is something that I am passionate about too. The space holds a series of market bazaars and is home to Brisbane artists once a month, who can showcase their artworks and even show you how they’re made.


He was looking for all types of artists for workshops and more across all the arts: architecture, sculpture, painting, literature, music, performing and film.


Beyond this, he wanted to create a customer base – people who not so necessarily were the creators of these art forms, but those who just hands down enjoy being entertained by these arts.

I wanted in!


I just wondered to myself ‘how is it that I have never heard of this place!!’. And being the marketer that I am, started to talk to Tiernan about his marketing. We discussed me being involved in the marketing side for Bib ‘n Brace Collective, and I am now absolutely hooked.


Beyond this though, I finally found what I was looking for: a space to run my own workshops.


I am super excited to announce that I will be hosting my very own art resin workshop! The date for the first workshop will be Sunday May 17 2020, where you can buy a ticket to learn all about pouring epoxy resin and make your very own grazing platter.


There will be nibbles and drinks, music and just people having fun at this workshop. I want to create the best atmosphere while we pour, and while it is about taking home a brilliant piece of art that you’ve created yourself – this workshop is more about letting your hair down, trying something new and different, and genuinely connecting with other people.


Tickets are already on sale on my website (you can have a peek here). I have Afterpay, PayPal, Direct Transfer, Credit Card and Visa Debit... Pretty much any way to pay.


A massive thanks to Tiernan for his guidance in helping me get my workshops up and running, because without his words of wisdom I probably would never have had the guts to be so damn revealing.


Vulnerability is now something I feel as a familiar taste in my mouth. I’m still not comfortable with it and I don’t think I ever will be. Had I not taken a few chances to be vulnerable this year and put myself out there, I would never have found my new home at Bib ‘n Brace Collective, and I wouldn’t have been part of something bigger than myself that I am so very passionate about.


So here’s me again, giving it a go… Whether you’ll join me or not, I hope that I can bring you some more of what Bib ‘n Brace Collective is about, and that you will look in from the sidelines and be happy for me to have found my new home.




P.S – If you think you know someone who would love to join my workshop, please share this with them by hitting this link to share on Facebook. I would appreciate you helping me get the word out! Thank you in advance!

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