About Me


The pic above is of me (left) and my mum, Erin, in front of my very first art resin piece. It's where my love for resin began - but not where my love of art began.
My regular profession is marketing, where I put to use creative ideas and use my marketing experience to make a difference in organisations. I also hold a Diploma of Commercial Arts in addition to a Bachelor of Business where I majored in Marketing and Business Communications.

How Funky Bitz Started

Funky Bitz was born from a love of art, and as an escape from the real world. The pieces you see are unique, one-of-a-kind, and are crafted by my hand (with occasional assistance from my husband!). 
They are perfectly imperfect; they are art pieces that are not machine rendered, mass produced or digitally enhanced. When you add one of my pieces to the shopping cart - you are adding hard work, dedication, and the slight imperfections that come with the ownership of something made by hand.

Noosa River

Resin Art Australian Inspiration

Most importantly, you are supporting a local business - one that started right here in your home land, beautiful Australia with it's hot summers, glistening beaches and unique wildlife. 
I draw inspiration from all walks of life, but the environment around me is where I find the most beauty. My family and I are outdoors people and seek adventure mostly at the beautiful beaches here in Queensland.